sábado, 20 de octubre de 2007


Creen que el metal (sin importar si es power, black, death, hardcore, etc...) no puede hablar de cosas bonitas?.
Pues aqui les tengo uno de los muchos contraejemplos que hay.
Espero la disfruten:

Black Diamond / Stratovarius

Again I see you standing there watching me.
Your gaze, those eyes are tantalizing openly, inviting me to get close to you,
can't help myself.
There's fascination in the air.
I try to fight this strong sensation but there's no chance to escape
from this temptation.
Feels like I've known you before, repeating phrases,
but I yearn for something more.
I know I can't stay by your side forever,
but I know I won't forget your beauty,
my Black Diamond.

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